Fragment from The Creation Myths by Rodel Tapaya

Paper: Videogames as Myth Reconstructions

To associate myths with computer games may at first appear as nonsense, as a random connection between two concepts that loosely stand together. Firstly, because myths are most of the times treated as “cultural realities” that belong to a “traditional and archaic society” (Eliade, 1963:120). Secondly, because computer games are products that emanate exclusively from contemporary society, they represent the ultimate form of digital entertainment and cyber-reality expression. The two concepts seem separated not only by time or space, but by the very nature of the human societies that create them. In my project I will try to build a coherent link between the two apparently incompatible terms and, at the same time, I will try to obeserve this link on some of the most thorough games of all time, Bioshock and the “indie genre darling” Braid. Continue reading…

Little Brothers

Little Brothers Mini-Game Prototype

Little Brothers may not be much for most people that visit my portfolio, it being a very rough sketch of a prototype  of a game (a seed of an idea, honestly). But it has a special meaning for me. It’s the first attempt at a ‘serious’ game in Unity, while collaborating with a team of people that share more or less the same passion as I do. It’s that landmark that you feel weighs hard in your decisions, you know, to realize if you want to do this for the whole rest of your life. So it only seemed fair for me to talk about how Little Brothers got to be. Continue reading…

Dragon NPC

Unity Dragon NPC Proof of Concept

This October, through the DADIU initiative, I had the chance to do a Unity related  internship at Multiverse ApS, the small studio responsible for KoGaMa. Before you start jumping around and arguing that this is a Minecraft clone, hear these guys out, because the idea behind KoGaMa is actually a great one. We’re faced with a digital LEGO world in which each user can build their own games with their own rules. If everything goes well, KoGaMa can become a sort of “YouTube for video-games”. Continue reading…


is a 2D platformer developed during the DADIU initiative