Muse cancels shows in Malmo, Stockholm and Oslo

One event I’ve been feverishly waiting for in the last several months has just been canceled, and it’s confirmed on the official website. Muse has decided not to preform on three of its shows in Northern Europe. This is due to the fact that Matt has “broken two bones in his foot”. The circumstances of this unfortunate event are yet unknown, sadly. Little old me has pre-ordered tickets for the gig in Malmo and was looking forward for a pleasantly noisy Friday over the bridge. Oh well, that ship has sailed… but there’s always Hamburg!

According to the Muse website, the “remaining dates on the tour are still scheduled to go ahead as planned” so unless Matt will have a really slow recovery, I’m bound to hear Muse live, one way or another…

All alone

Civilization 2 match predicts the future

Who would have thought… If you had the patience to play Civilization 2 long enough you would become a veritable Nostradamus and predict humanity’s future. An anonymous geezer going by the nickname of Lycerius, who’s quite the passionate Civilization 2 fan it seems, has recently posted on Reddit the current status of an ongoing Civilization 2 game which has been lasting for no less than… ten years.  Continue reading…

Some of the most beloved indie game characters ever

Embrace retro and indie games – the cheap way

So you suddenly decided that you want to be the hipster of gaming and trade all your triple A titles for obscure underground indie games only bit-junkies have heard of? Congratulations, you’re in the right place, my Guybrush Threepwood roof rocker. Below are some tips on how to become an indie and retro gamer without getting too much money out of your pocket. Continue reading…

Close-up of the Little Mermaid. All rights reserved.

The secret life of the Little Mermaid

When people talk about the Little Mermaid they imagine the classic Disney big eyed doll, with perfect hair and a perfect prince, that will live happily ever after. But the original Hans Cristian Andersen story is one about choosing to suffer in silence. The Little Mermaid sacrifices her hypnotic voice in order to get a second chance at life – to become human and try to seduce her lovely prince, knowing that if she fails her charms, she will die after the prince’s wedding. This is no ordinary fairy-tale and the prince turns out to be quite the contemporary douche-bag who needs a good flirt and not distant admiration, so the Little Mermaid ends up back in the sea, one with the waves, foam and water spirits. Continue reading…

A Portal Movie I Would Like to See (Video)

Since I was struck by quite a nasty flu these days I thought I would be better off making a tiny writing pause and delighting you with this short film created by Dan Trachtenberg, who plays with one of the most beloved gaming concepts of the era: portals. Portal: The Escape is witty and unsettling, realistic with just a touch of that supernatural feeling that hangs around the intradimensional shortcuts. However, it drops the sweet and sour humor whose taste Valve slowly made us acquire throughout the series.

Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen or why some things shouldn’t change

Once upon a time, there was Yann Tiersen. And a carousel of broken dreams. And all those pieces of the broken mirror, all delicately stuck to musical notes, tralala-ing out of Yann’s soul. It’s limited, yet fair to say that Yann was revealed to us through his French tunes, his playful acordeon that followed Amelie Poulain and her destiny, stuck in the labyrinthical Paris. Still, life is not a succession of paralyzed images, but a progression of dynamic symbols and things that just are. And music is life and Yann, as a composer, tickled music a lot. So he decided to move on. And he decided to appeal to the masses and just thrill them with everything that he could be. Continue reading…